Sherlock Safety & Workwear is a 100% Australian, Family owned and managed business located in Hemmant (Brisbane) with over 40 years of collective experience in the Safety and Workwear industries. We are committed to achieving positive results and memorable experiences for our customers and accomplish this by offering first class service and products, meticulous attention to detail, a "can do" attitude and an overriding pursuit of excellence. Safety Boots, Clothing and Equipment for all industries. Home About Us Orders Promotions Free Catalogue Contact Us OH&S Industry Statistics DIY Statistics Clothing Footwear Eye Protection Head & Face Protection Hand Protection Hearing Protection Respiratory Protection Height Safety Signs Tapes LockoutTagout Traffic Management Hygiene Supplies Skin Protection Environment & Chemical Safety Workplace Safety First Aid & Stretchers Fire Safety Miscellaneous Rehydration
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Warning & Caution Signs

Brady 240 Volts
  • 450X600 MTL: BR8614693
  • 450X600 POLY: BR861692
  • 300X450 MTL: BR845049
  • 300X450 POLY: BR840927
  • 300X450 SS: BR840928
  • 225X300 MTL: BR844088
  • 225X300 POLY: BR844060
  • 180X250 SS: BR842642

Brady 415 Volts
  • 450X600 MTL: BR852124
  • 30050 POLY: BR840925
  • 300X450 SS: BR840926
  • 225X300 MTL: BR843184
  • 225X300 POLY: BR844549
  • 180X250 SS: BR842778

Brady Acid
  • 450X600 MTL: BR859220
  • 450X600 POLY: BR859221
  • 300X450 MTL: BR841177
  • 300X450 POLY: BR841176
  • 225X300 MTL: BR842253
  • 225X300 POLY: BR842252
  • 180X250 SS: BR841178

Brady Arc Flash And Shock Hazard
  • 300X450 POLY: BR852655
  • 180X250 SS: BR852656

Brady Always Face Ladder Use Both Hands Climb Slowly
  • 450X600 MTL: BR840859
  • 450X600 POLY: BR835389
  • 300X450 MTL: BR840860
  • 300X450 POLY: BR835391
  • 225X300 MTL: BR840862
  • 225X300 POLY: BR840861
  • 180X250 SS: BR840863

Brady Battery Charging Station No Smoking Or Open Flames
  • 450X600 MTL: BR841602
  • 450X600 POLY: BR841601
  • 300X450 MTL: BR833861
  • 300X450 POLY: BR841603
  • 225X300 MTL: BR841605
  • 225X300 POLY: BR841604
  • 180X250 SS: BR841606

Brady Be Safe Lock It Out
  • 300X450 POLY: BR841792
  • 180X250 SS: BR841793

Brady Beware of Back Injury When Lifting
  • 450X600 MTL: BR852087
  • 450X600 POLY: BR841618
  • 300X450 POLY: BR841619
  • 225X300 POLY: BR844337

Brady Beware of Moving Parts
  • 450X600 MTL: BR840392
  • 450X600 POLY: BR840391
  • 300X450 MTL: BR832579
  • 300X450 POLY: BR835887
  • 225X300 MTL: BR840394
  • 225X300 POLY: BR840393
  • 180X250 SS: BR840395

Brady Beware Of Opening Door
  • 450X600 MTL: BR832068
  • 450X600 POLY: BR841495
  • 300X450 MTL: BR838254
  • 300X450 POLY: BR835514
  • 225X300 MTL: BR841497
  • 225X300 POLY: BR841496
  • 180X250 SS: BR836649

Brady Beware Of Vehicles
  • 450X600 MTL: BR833859
  • 450X600 POLY: BR833884
  • 300X450 MTL: BR841673
  • 300X450 POLY: BR833885
  • 225X300 MTL: BR841675
  • 225X300 POLY: BR841674
  • 180X250 SS: BR841676

Brady Beware Of Welding Flash
  • 450X600 MTL: BR852658
  • 450X600 POLY: BR852657
  • 300X450 MTL: BR852660
  • 300X450 POLY: BR852659
  • 225X300 MTL: BR852662
  • 225X300 POLY: BR852661
  • 180X250 SS: BR852663

Brady Biohazard Authorised Personnel Only
  • 450X600 MTL: BR855750
  • 300X450 POLY: BR835083
  • 225X300 POLY: BR853416
  • 180X250 SS: BR842298

Brady Biohazard Dispose of Properly
  • 450X600 MTL: BR855750
  • 300X450 POLY: BR841136
  • 225X300 POLY: BR862805
  • 180X250 SS: BR835082

Brady Biohazard Sharps Receptacle
  • 450X600 MTL: BR862813
  • 300X450 POLY: BR835084
  • 225X300 POLY: BR851644
  • 180X250 SS: BR833110

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