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Brady Safety Plus Padlocks
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion & chemical resistant
  • Spark-resistant
  • Non-conductive body
  • 6-pin reserved-use cylinder
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Ribbed sides
  • Two keys
  • Danger label

BR850821: Red

BR850816: Blue

BR850818: Green

BR850820: Yellow

BR850819: Orange

BR850817: Black

BR853203: White

BR853204: Purple

BR51379: Labels (pk6)

Brady Keyed Alike Padlock Pack
  • 3 keyed alike safety padlocks
  • Unique keying numbers
  • "Danger Locked Out" labels

BR853205: Pack of 3, Keyed Alike, Red

BR853206: Pack of 3, Keyed Alike, Yellow

BR853207: Pack of 3, Keyed Alike, Blue

BR853208: Pack of 3, Keyed Alike, Green

BR853408: Box of 12 Packs (Mixed), Red/Yellow

BR853409: Box of 12 (Mixed), Blue/Green

BR853680: Box of 12, Red

BR853681: Box of 12, Yellow

BR853682: Box of 12, Blue

BR853683: Box of 12, Green

Brady Compact Padlocks
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion & chemical resistance
  • Non-conductive
  • Spark resistant
  • Insulated key chamber
  • 5-pin precision-machined cylinder
  • Ribbed body
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Custom keying
  • Two keys
  • Danger & Property Of Labels

BR872880: Red

BR872874: Black

BR872875: Blue

BR872881: Yellow

BR872876: Grey

BR872877: Green

BR872878: Orange

BR872879: Purple

BR872882: White

Brady Nylon Safety Padlocks
  • Insulated cylinder
  • 6-pin precision
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-sparking
  • Ribbed design
  • Nylon shackle
  • Application: electrical lockout

BR872386: Red

BR872387: Blue

BR872388: Green

BR872389: Yellow

BR51379: Label (pk6)

Brady Brass Padlocks
  • Brass body & shackle
  • Vinyl case
  • Spark & corrosion resistant
  • Pin tumbler cylinder
  • Two keys

BR856762: 30mm, Black

BR856763: 30mm, Blue

BR856764: 30mm, Green

BR856765: 30mm, Red

BR856766: 40mm, Black

BR856767: 40mm, Blue

BR856768: 40mm, Green

BR856769: 40mm, Red

BR856770: 40mm, Grey

BR856771: 40mm, Yellow

Brady Steel Padlocks
  • Heavy-duty
  • Laminated steel
  • Application: Toolboxes, equipment cribs, etc.
  • Zinc-coated steel plates
  • 5-pin cylinder
  • Paracentric keyway
  • Drill protection
  • Countersunk rivets

BR850827: 20mm, Red

BR850824: 20mm, Blue

BR850826: 20mm, Orange

BR850828: 20mm, Yellow

BR850823: 20mm, Black

BR850825: 20mm, Green

BR850829: 47mm, Black

BR850830: 47mm, Blue

BR850831: 47mm, Green

BR850832: 47mm, Orange

BR850833: 47mm, Yellow

BR851531: 47mm, Red

BR850955: Padlock labels (Pk6)

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