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Lockout Circuit Breaker Devices

Brady Eurasion Miniature Lockouts
  • DINN Style
  • Available individually or in packs of 6

BR90853: Tie Bar Lockout 1

BR90854: Tie Bar Lockout 6

BR90850: Pin Out Wide Lockout 1

BR90851: Pin Out Wide Lockout 6

BR90847: Pin In Standard Lockout 1

BR90848: Pin In Standard Lockout 6

BR90844: Pin Out Standard Lockout 1

BR90845: Pin Out Standard Lockout 6

Brady No Hole Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • Lock out most Federal Pacific breakers
  • Secure locking protection
  • Accepts up to 7mm shackles
  • Fits: 16mmX11mm (277 volt device) & 41mmX14mm (480/600 volt device)

BR65965: Small Device 6

BR65396: Small Device 1

BR65966: Large Device 6

BR65397: Large Device 1

Brady Lockout Cleats
  • Use with small & large "No Hole" breaker lockouts
  • Snap-on & off feature

BR65404: Small Pack

BR65406: Large Pack

Brady Original Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • Locks out major brand breaker switches
  • Accepts up to 7mm shackle or nylon tie

BR65688: Single Pole Breaker 6

BR65387: Single Pole Breaker 1

Brady Universal Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout
  • Suits most major brands
  • No self-locking tie
  • Application: GE, I-T-E, Sylvania, Challenger, Bryant, Westinghouse & General Switch Co.

BR66320: Multi-Pole Lockout 6

BR66321: Multi-Pole Lockout 1

Brady Oversized Breaker Lockout
  • Suits breakers up to 63mmX22mm

BR65321: Oversized Breaker 6

BR65329: Oversized Breaker 1

Brady Breaker Lockouts
  • Prevents engergisation of electric currents
  • Polycarbonate

BRBL01: Single Pole Breaker Lockout

BRBL03: Multi-Pole Breaker Lockout

BRBL04: "No Hole" Circuit Breaker Lockout

BRBL07: Three Phase Breaker Lockout

Brady 400-600V Breaker Blocker
  • Application: Locking out oversized switches
  • Self-adhesive backed rails
  • 193mm blocking bars (red & green)

BR90891: Breaker Blocking Kit

BR90892: 193mm Red Blocking Bar

BR90893: 193mm Green Blocking Bar

BR51264: 102mm Yellow Mounting Rails

BR51265: Blocking Bar Holder 5

Brady Fuse Lockout/Blockout
  • Prevents device from being removed
  • Applied on 6mm to 17mm devices
  • Use cable tie to lock

BR65750: 10mm Fuse Lockout Device

BR65751: 14mm Fuse Lockout Device

BR65690: Fuse Blockout Device for 6,7,10 & 14mm

BR65691: Fuse Blockout Device for 20,27mm & Blade Type Fuses

Brady Universal Fuse Lockout
  • Compact size
  • Locks out most 20A to 400A fuse holders

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