Sherlock Safety & Workwear is a 100% Australian, Family owned and managed business located in Hemmant (Brisbane) with over 40 years of collective experience in the Safety and Workwear industries. We are committed to achieving positive results and memorable experiences for our customers and accomplish this by offering first class service and products, meticulous attention to detail, a "can do" attitude and an overriding pursuit of excellence. Safety Boots, Clothing and Equipment for all industries. Home About Us Orders Promotions Free Catalogue Contact Us OH&S Industry Statistics DIY Statistics Clothing Footwear Eye Protection Head & Face Protection Hand Protection Hearing Protection Respiratory Protection Height Safety Signs Tapes LockoutTagout Traffic Management Hygiene Supplies Skin Protection Environment & Chemical Safety Workplace Safety First Aid & Stretchers Fire Safety Miscellaneous Rehydration
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Hand Protection

Glove Accessories

Pro Choice Glove Clip Keeper
  • Sold individually

Australian Supreme Import Interlock Glove Clip
  • Dual interlocking jaw
  • Attach gloves, glasses, helmets, towels, etc.

ILNGR: Neon green

ILNO: Neon orange

ILG: Granite

ILNY: Neon yellow

ILBL: Blue

ILB: Black

ILNP: Pink

ILP: Purple


Vision Safe Utility Guard
  • Belt clip

UG1 ASS: Assorted colours

UG1 GT: Granite

UG1 RD: Red

UG1 BL: Blue

UG1 BK: Black

UG1 GR: Green

UG1 PR: Purple

UG1 HV OR: Hi Vis orange

UG1 HV YW: Hi Vis Yellow

UG1 HV LM: Hi Vis Lime

UG1 HV PK: Hi Vis Pink  


Vision Safe Glove Guard
  • Resists flex fatigue
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reduce glove loss & injuries

GG1 ASS: Assorted colours

GG1 GT: Granite

GG1 RD: Red

GG1BL: Blue

GGBK: Black

GG1 GR: Green

GG1 PR: Purple

GG1 HV OR: Hi Vis Orange

GG1 HV YW: His Vis Yellow

GG1 HV LM: Hi Vis Lime

GG1 HV PK: Hi Vis Pink


Vision Safe Handi Klip
  • Designed for firefighting industry
  • Ball & socket joint
  • Interlocking teeth

HK1 ASS: Assorted colours

JK1 BK: Black

HK1 BL: Blue

HK1 RD: Red

HK1 GR: Green

HK1 HV YW: Hi Vis yellow

HK1 PK: Hi Vis pink  

Vision Safe Metal Detectable
  • Metal detectable plastic
  • Designed for food processing industry

UG1MD: Metal Detectable Utility Guard

GG1MD: Metal Detectable Glove Guard

HK1MD: Metal Detectable Handi Klip  

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