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Workplace Safety

Convex Safety Mirrors

Brady Outdoor Industrial Safety Mirrors
  • 160 degrees wide
  • 120 degrees angle vision
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber rim
  • Heavy duty backing
  • Acrylic

BR833068: Acrylic- Outdoor, 457mm

BR833072: Acrylic- Outdoor, 610mm

BR844159: Acrylic- Outdoor, 812mm

BR844161: Acrylic- Outdoor, 914mm

BR856109: Scratch Resistant Acrylic- Outdoor, 457mm

BR856110: Scratch Resistant Acrylic- Outdoor, 660mm

BR856111: Scratch Resistant Acrylic- Outdoor, 762mm

BR856112: Scratch Resistant Acrylic- Outdoor, 914mm

BR856230: Post Mount Attachment for Convex Mirror

Brady Heavy Duty Traffic Mirrors
  • High resolution image
  • Stainless steel
  • Weatherproof
  • Steel backing
  • Ideal: Hilly roads, intersections, carparks & intersections
  • Wall Mount attachment sold separately

BR856231: Stainless Steel Post/Wall Mountable, 305mm

BR856096: Stainless Steel Post/Wall Mountable, 457mm

BR844406: Stainless Steel Post/Wall Mountable, 660mm

BR844404: Stainless Steel Post/Wall Mountable, 800mm

BR873898: Wall Mount Attachment for Heavy Duty Traffic Mirror

Brady Economy Convex Safety Mirrors
  • Lightweight
  • Indoor use
  • Mounting bolts included

BR844163: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 305mm

BR844164: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 457mm

BR833067: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 609mm

BR856093: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 667mm

BR844165: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 762mm

BR856094: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 812mm

BR856095: Convex Mirror- Wall Mounted, 914mm

Brady Indoor Convex Mirrors
  • Scratch resistant
  • Acrylic
  • Indoor use
  • Ball & swivel plate
  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets included

BR851307: Convex Mirror, 300mm

BR851308: Convex Mirror, 660mm

BR851309: Convex Mirror, 760mm

BR833066: Indoor Rectangular Mirror, 610X410mm

Brady Dome Mirrors
  • 3 Styles: Full, quarter & half dome

BR844168: Full Dome- 360 Degrees Ceiling Mount, 457mm

BR844169: Full Dome- 360 Degrees Ceiling Mount, 609mm

BR856113: Full Dome- 360 Degrees Ceiling Mount, 812mm

BR844170: Full Dome- 360 Degrees Ceiling Mount, 914mm

BR856223: Full Dome- 360 Degrees Ceiling Mount, 1016mm

BR833064: Half Dome- 180 Degrees Wall Mount, 457mmX300mm

BR833065: Half Dome- 180 Degrees Wall Mount, 660mmX300mm

BR844167: Half Dome- 180 Degrees Wall Mount, 914mmX300mm

BR844166: Quarter Dome- 90 Degrees Corner Mount, 457mm

BR856114: Quarter Dome- 90 Degrees Corner Mount, 660mm

BR856135: Quarter Dome- 90 Degrees Corner Mount, 812mm

BR856134: Quarter Dome- 90 Degrees Corner Mount, 914mm

BR856136: Quarter Dome- 90 Degrees Corner Mount, 1016mm

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